Nick Stefani
Visual Design
Burlington, Vermont based visual design. My focuses are video production and graphic design. I'm direct, nimble, and can take your project from concept to completion. Thanks for stopping by!
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St. Lawrence University
Website Redesign
A website redesign called for five themed homepage videos. I worked with the marketing department to build an idea of the objectives, and come up with the core themes.
Key Stone Carvings
A New Hampshire company specializing in interior stone design. A Times New Roman capital "I" looks like a stone column, so I reshaped one to create the main design element.
Straight Rye Whiskey
A mood piece meshing WhistlePig's Straight Rye Whiskey into the textures of a Vermont summer. Marketing team Ian Durkin and Evan Daniel produced the project and brought me on to shoot and edit it. Ian created a loose storyboard concept that we improvised on during the shoot.
The University of Vermont Foundation
Thank You
Donor thank you videos, shown at the 2013 and 2012 donor appreciation dinners at UVM.
Cochran's Ski Area
The Dojo
I asked Cochran's if they'd ever thought about making terrain park features, and not only did they say yes, they had a pile of old snowmaking pipes to donate to the cause. Their only requests were to keep the rails asthetically classy and at a beginner skill level. I designed four features with a simple wood & black look, as well as two green signs (to signify beginner terrain) for the park entrance. I raised money within the local snowboard community to pay for the welding, plywood, hardware, and signs. We had a great opening night, and Cochran's continues to set up The Dojo every winter.
Champlain College
Website Redesign
Champlain College's website redesign called for both an overview teaser and a Vimeo overhaul. I organized and re-edited the school's entire video library and designed templates to maintain a cohesive Vimeo presence in the years ahead.
Gordon Auchincloss
Kinetic Sculpture
This is a mood piece used on Gordon's homepage to give viewers an overview of his style before diving into his projects page.
Queen City Dry Goods
Racer Jacket Kickstarter
Queen City Dry Goods was creating a kickstarter campaign to raise money for the first production run of their signature "Racer Jacket". I was hired to create a video element that would communicate a simple, overall message and get people excited to support the cause.
Higher Ground
Higher Ground is the major music venue of the Burlington area. Iskra is a local print collective that has a deal with HG wherein they design all the show posters for free in exchange for total creative freedom. A setup like that is a designer's dream. Here's some faux shows.
Stowe Mountain Resort
Powder Day
A powder day documented for Stowe's website video gallery.
Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center
The Perlman Music Program
The Perlman Music Program's performance at SPPAC and a look into what makes the program unique. SPPAC also requested highlights of the venue with some of the shots. This video can be found playing in the SPPAC atrium.
Space Gallery
Space Gallery is an art gallery in Burlington's south end. This is an original logo design embedded in a website displaying previous, current, and upcoming exhibits.
Cliff Jumping
I wanted to document and share my love for Vermont cliff jumping with a summer side project. We pulled off a Vimeo Staff Pick on this one!
Rate Your Study Abroad
Rate Your Study Abroad hired me to create some illustations to spice up their site.
Norwich University
School of Engineering
I worked with the Norwich communications department to highlight each of their three engineering majors. Norwich requested the videos be geared towards prospective high school students.
Willard & Maple
Willard & Maple printed its first issue in 1994, and has since been a student run annual literary magazine at Champlain College. I was hired to design a cover for the fifteenth issue. The requirements were to use the magazine title, subtitle, a provided photo, and render in grayscale.
Adrien Broom's "Day Dreams"
"Day Dreams," a shoot by PocketWizard sponsored photographer Adrien Broom. The idea was to highlight the PocketWizards in action as well as the essence, and final products from the shoot.
Private Commission
Product design and build for a local artist. The requirements were: easy assembly, lightweight without sacrificing strength, 18x38x28, and "simple." I came up with a design that uses custom welded 1/8" brushed aluminum legs, an 18x38x1 composite top, and a 6-outlet power strip mounted on the underside to provide a single plug connection to the wall. It weighs 17 pounds and assembles with 20 phillips head screws.
The State of Vermont
Google Fiber to the Home
The State of Vermont was applying for Google's "Fiber to the Home" project. Google was selecting one place in the country to test their new fiber optic internet network and Vermont wanted to be that place. A video element was required with the entry and the Vermont Telecommunications Authority had a few key pointers to build the video around. The VTC wanted to show that Vermont was a manageable size and had eager citizens willing to try new things. They also wanted to convey the simplicity and transparency of our local government, meaning Google would have no trouble getting through ordinances and regulations.
Ambition Snowskates
Snowskating was created in 1998, but struggled for years due to plastic board functionality and low quality media content. In 2008, it was still young, and fighting for legitimacy. Ambition Snowskates was a new company, and wanted to create a full-length video showcasing their team riders and wooden boards. The owner, Alex Blais, saw Press Rewind and hired me to produce their first video, True Color. The end product presented snowskating in a cleaner, more industry-aware way than ever before. True Color was the first snowskate video to gain internet recognition and allowed Ambition to set a tone for both the brand and the sport. We made another two full-length videos, Snosk8_aliens, and Skrill Clinton, and a three year highlight promo called Jam Pack. For each video, I did creative direction, branding, filming, editing, DVD design, duplication, and organizing premiere events. These videos require filming every weekend throughout the winter, so in 2012 I handed the project off to Alex in order to focus on my growing business. Links to the full versions are at the end of each teaser.
Press Rewind
Vermont Snowboarding
In 2003, I made my first annual snowboard video with friends at Bolton Valley. In 2006, during my freshman year at Champlain College, I wanted to make something more complete than years past. That winter, local riders and I coordinated 70 days of shooting across the state, all while enrolled in classes. The following summer I edited the video, designed DVD's, and got them duplicated. I organized a premiere event the following October with school back in session, and we overloaded a 300 seat theater at UVM. The local companies that sponsored the video gave us free products to give away at the end of the event. Although I made it for fun, this project became a seed for commissioned work in the following years. The first slide is the introduction, and the last slide is the full version.